Dining out in Glasgow

Dining out in Glasgow

Glasgow traditional foods are known for their strange names and unique taste. For example, the fish haggis is made by making deep cuts into the heads of the Scottish Codfish. Its head is filled with oats, spices, onions, and white pepper.  Apart from cod, you can also find many other species of Scottish fish like the Perch, Brown trout, Rainbow trout, and the Seatrout. An early morning breakfast of this recipe can boost your energy levels to the peak. Similarly, you can find many tasty recipes in the form of Festy Cock, rumbled Thumps, black bun, Scottish chocolates, sausages, soups, and meat.

Breakfast Wonders of Glasgow

Avenue G is one of the top-rated breakfast restaurants in Glasgow is located at 321 Great Western Rd, Glasgow G4 9HR, UK. It is well known for homemade Scone which is very distinctive in taste. Stuffed with butter and jam, it is one of the most filling foods you can find. The other attractions here are the homemade Granola with hot milk, Brioche, toast, baked eggs, and muffin with butter, bacon, bread, and coffee.

Cafe Gandolfi is located at 64 Albion St, Glasgow G1 1NY, UK. The most prominent attractions of this restaurant are deserts, Full Scottish Breakfast, Smoked Haddie, French toast, Eggs Hebridean, Smoked Salmon Omelette, Gandolfi Swiss Style Muesli, and the Homemade Fruit Scone.

Best Lunch Locations

Sparkle Horse is located at Dowanhill St, Glasgow G11 5QR, United Kingdom. The best foods you get here include the Parsnip soup, crab cake; beef feather blade, mussels, prawn, stuffed pies, and desserts. If you prefer to have some cool wine with your lunch, it is the right place to visit.

Vermentino, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot Grigia, Albarino, and Tittinger are some of the well-known wines you can find here. These are the white wines to quench your thirst. Now, we move onto the collection of red and rose wines you can enjoy here. Some of the best ones we recommend are the Monastrell, Cabernet, Shiraz and of course the great Amalaya red.

Night Dinner at Glasgow

After spending the whole day travelling, you would obviously love to spend your dining with champagne and the genuine Scottish Whiskey. You can find a lot of bars and restaurants in this city, which can serve you with fatty foods along with the heady scotches.

Piper Whiskey bar is located 57 Cochrane St, City Centre, Glasgow G1 1HL, UK. The menu here gives you an exclusive collection of foods from 12 PM to 8PM. The first startup you get to taste is the homemade soup with a crusty roll. The other attractions are Haggis Pakora, Buffalo wings, garlic bread, chips, fries, burgers, mozzarella, hotdogs, and cakes.

The whiskey menu is made of rich malt beverage. The most well-known ones are Aberfeldy, Ardmore, Ben Nevis, Clynelish, Dalmore, and Dalwhinnie. You can get the best of Scottish brands from the native breweries. Get to taste them with your friends when you visit this lovely and creatively designed bar.