Things to do in Glasgow

Things to do in Glasgow

Glasgow is a rich and beautiful city in the UK with 32 vast Council areas. It has the reputation of being the most industrial area with the industrious population. Prosperity is the one element you will see in plenty wherever you go. The other striking aspect of Glasgow is its tourist attraction. Literally, you can spend weeks touring around historical places, art museums, architectural marvels, traditional cathedrals, and of course the creations of modern technology. You can reach Glasgow from London by train in 5 hours. At the London Euston railway station, you can get plenty of trains. You can also travel by flight.

Riverside Museum and Tall Ship

The tall ship is located at 150 Pointhouse-Pointhouse, Glasgow G3 8RS, UK.  It has more than the century-old history of travelling around the world four times. You can explore the interiors of the ship to discover its rich architecture and interior decor. Apprentice cabin, main mast, chart room, main hatch, and the sailmaker are some of the interesting areas to explore on the Tween Deck. Lower deck and cargo hold are the other areas where you can discover the rich treasures of shipbuilding materials, architecture, art and marine shipping monuments.

Your next destination is the riverside museum. It is a heritage site which features the vintage and antique collections of cars, skateboards, locomotives,           industrial era objects, art and architectural elements. You can also get to see the olden horse-drawn luxury carriages used by the princely class of people. There are over 3,000 objects on display at different levels.

Glasgow Science Centre

The Glasgow Science centre has three main sections which are homes to collections and monuments from Arctic, astronomy, human anatomy, architecture, and modern technology in space science. You pass through narrow tunnels that can challenge your patience and inquisitive nature. The key attraction of the centre is the ice bar. Here you can see some of the rarest and unseen video footages from the trips to the Arctic.

Discover the lifestyle and history of polar bears, penguins, and the other giant species which belong to the remotest corner on the world. The astronomical section is perhaps the most attractive sight you can see here. It helps you explore all the hidden secrets of the solar system and the entire universe. You can get to know about spaceships, satellites, planets, black holes, and other gigantic creations.

Apart from the exhibits, you can also watch live experiment with many of the life science laboratory equipment. The experts in the museum explain the various features of physics, chemistry, biotechnology, and antigravity conditions.

Kelpies Visit

Kelpies centre is an architectural wonder that houses two gigantic horse sculptures that are 30 meters in height. The bright yellow lights emanating from the horse heads are a perfect example of modern architecture working at the highest level of efficiency. You can walk around the two horses and take a closer look. The other attraction in here is the Falkirk wheel. It is a wonderful rotating boat lift which was earlier used in the open cast coal mine.