Tourist attractions in Glasgow

Tourist attractions in Glasgow

Top Tourist attractions in Glasgow are derived from the rich cultural, historical, architectural, industrial, and spiritual locations. The first place you can start off is the Glasgow Cathedral. It is located at the Castle St, Glasgow G4 0QZ, UK.

Glasgow Tourist Attractions- Cathedral

The Glasgow Cathedral was established in the year 1197. The historical aspects of tradition and culture have been preserved in this church since its establishment. The stained glass windows are the greatest attractions here. It is called the millennium window. It was inaugurated in the year 1999 as part of the cathedral renovation works. It has a beautiful theme of growth. The three beautifully designed glass sections are stained with dark blue, green, black, and white colours. Their shapes are similar to the church building with a tower at the top.

Glasgow Cathedral has many festivals celebrations all through the year. Christmas is the most famous time for enjoying the best of Scottish foods, wines, and scotches. It is also the time when the whole city comes alive with music, dance, drama, orchestra and the traditional festivities that are native to Glasgow.

Glasgow Tourist Attractions – Kelvingrove Museum

Kelvingrove Museum, Argyle St, Glasgow G3 8AG, UK is a place where art and architecture. It has a long history from 1901 when it was first established. The entire collections of art and artefact from all over the world seem to be congregated in one location.

Art collections of the grand masters like Jozef Israëls are the key attractions you can find here. Apart from that, you can find the artworks from entire Europe. The collections of paintings depict the history of Glasgow in the Christian era. There are also few paintings in the main hall which date back to events from the Pre-Christian era. Nearly all of them have the influence of Roman cultural, social and architectural values.

The artefact collections are rich with archaeological, architectural, sculptural, and industrial monuments. The two pillars of modern Glasgow, namely the scientific and industrial revolutions are clearly portrayed here.

The museum has rich collections of artefacts from Asia, especially India. The big elephants made from ivory, sandalwood and other precious woods are a visual treat.

Glasgow Tourist Attractions – Provand’s Lordship, 3 Castle

The castle is located at 3 Castle St, Glasgow G4 0RH, UK. It is a Victorian Cemetery. If you feel it is futile to visit this, place, we suggest you go there once and discover the rich treasures of history. The vast range of paintings, art, artefacts, and the architectural marvels here make your visit memorable. You can also come across many forms of prints on the books, walls and other locations which can literally surprise you.

Almost all the architectural designs on this castle are from the Victorian era. Hence, it is natural to see the rich reflections of the culture and tradition of Glasgow at that time. In addition, you can see plenty of Pre Victorian era art pieces dating back to the era of Christ and beyond. One visit to this place changes your entire concept of Glasgow history.