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Professional Sofa Cleaning in Glasgow

We have fine tuned our Sofa Cleaning Glasgow services to match with your specific requirements of time, costing, quality, service scope and coverage. Since our inception of cleaning services in Glasgow, we have been doing extensive research into the construction and design of sofas. The luxurious class of furniture in this city range from a single seat, to multi seats, sofa beds, recliners, and other models. The materials range from genuine leather, wool, silk, velvet, and even a fine combination of these elements. On the other hand, there are hardwood sofas made with the combination of strong frames and the highest quality leather. Our Sofa Cleaning can ensure complete restoration of hygiene, aesthetic features, exterior finishing, and working condition to the maximum possible levels.

Sofa Cleaning in Glasgow – Antique Sofas 

If your home or office has an antique sofa that has been handed to you from generations of your ancestors, our Sofa Cleaning is the right solution. We have experience and expertise in handling them with care.

  • Equipment:  We use handheld vacuum cleaners, extractors, dry cleaners, and brushing tools for antique sofa models. Our speciality is in cleaning the pleated back, sprung seats, wooden framed base, and the fabric.
  • Materials: We use the cleaning materials approved by the British Standards Institute for antique sofas. They are soft on fabrics and hard on the stain. Deep cleaning and surface cleaning liquids can eliminate the micron size dirt and soil from your sofa within a few minutes.
  • Methods:  Our service is safe and secure for your antique sofas. We ensure the construction integrity; fabric quality and the antique appearance of your sofas remain intact. At the end of our procedures, your sofa will be transformed into a bright and beautiful model of its former self.

Sofa Cleaning in the Glasgow Area - Modern Sofas 

Modern sofas in Glasgow have a genuine design that combines the classical and contemporary patterns and constructions. They may have natural wood, leather, synthetic material, wool, and other expensive fabrics.

  • Deep Cleaning: Deep cleaning of modern sofas requires patience, persistence, and experience. Our service utilises high tech equipment with compact and long nozzles. They can go into the depths and difficult to reach corners with ease. With the help of high pressure extractors and sprayers we can remove all the dirt in the sofa interiors. At the same time, we use soft and hard bristled brushes to get rid of stains, spots, and other forms of unhygienic elements.
  • Surface Cleaning:  We are well known for maintaining the tidiness of your sofa surfaces. With our high end equipment and natural chemicals, we can clean up any kind of surface within a few minutes. At the end of our services, we can transform all your dull and dusted sofas into bright and new-like pieces of furniture.
  • Dry Cleaning: Our dry cleaning procedures are aimed at preserving the construction and design integrity of your sofas and their upholstery. We can restore the complete aesthetic features to the maximum possible extent, while eliminating the dirt, mildew and other unhygienic elements.

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